Call for Sponsors

In order to offset costs of time and actual expenses, I’m seeking a few sponsors. I’d love to have a few companies who’ve shown support for the WordPress community on board! If you sponsor, you get:

  • Your logo and a mention at the beginning of the ebook
  • A full page at the end of the ebook with more information or a special offer
  • Midroll ad-placement in the podcast interview series, as well as mention at the top and bottom of each episode
  • Prominent placement on the dedicated mini-series page over at
  • Prominent placement and a dedicated page on this site
  • Mentions at the beginning and end of any videos associated with the series
  • A special thank you in the updated version of the Using the WordPress Block Editor course.
  • Mentions on social media
  • Mentions in my Build Something Weekly newsletter.

What Your Support Covers

To do this right, there are several production costs associated with this product. Your support will go toward:

  • Producing the podcast (editing, recording tools, transcripts)
  • Making the videos (captions)
  • Writing the eBook (time, hiring an editor, and graphics that need to be designed, putting it in the right format for eBook and print-on-demand)
  • Compensating contributors


Organizations can sponsor this project for $3,000 each. There is a limit of 4 spots total (2 remaining).

Sponsor the Project

If you’d like to sponsor the project, fill out the form below!