Update #1

First project update. It’s still pretty slow going right now as I was fully focused on getting this bad boy funded. And that’s the first update!

Fully funded! 

The project reached (and exceeded) it’s goal of $3,000 earlier this week. With that, plus the 2 sponsors (more below), I feel confident that I can put together something fantastic! 

I would still like 1-2 more sponsors to really take the project to the next level. That will allow me to hire more contributors and spend even more time getting it right. And there are spots available.‚Äč

I’m also leaving donation form open so people can add their logo or buy book. That will likely close at the end of the month so I can finalize numbers. 

Content Update

I’ve pretty much finalized the outline, but am waiting until State of the Woo at WooSesh to publish it. You can look for that in next week’s update. I will start writing before that, and have a nice big Milanote canvas (board? page?) with links and thoughts – including the feedback you’ve provided!

Podcast episodes being recorded and that series will be ready to go the week of the 25th. I’m excited to put a spotlight on some fantastic speakers and talks, plus a few extra interviews in the following weeks.

In somewhat related news, I wrapped production on the course I was working on, so now all effort is going towards this project. That’s writing the ebook, doing the podcast, updating by Block Editor course, and the videos. 

Video ideas

This is actually the part I’m struggling with the most. I want to make sure it’s unique content that’s true to the project. In other words, I want more than just WordPress tutorials. I’m toying around with some ideas that I think will work, but I’m open to suggestions as well! 

Is there some concept from WordPress over the past year you’d like to see covered more? Let me know!

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